1. Use coins to buy gear, merch, or food. Elite teams need gear to avoid runs. Defines class structure, with an option to fail.
  2. You may buy coins for $50 or bulk discounts. Our affiliates also accept these coins. Our attempt to stave off the perils of isolationism.
  3. New players are given a coin upon initiation that may be used to skip annual sprints. Challenges their ability to play the economic game.
  4. Earn coins at clinics, camps, combines, or MWF's, 1on1 (top effort vs random). Diverse job market adds effort for upward mobility.
  5. Annual Top 10 attendance leaders win coins at our December Awards Ceremony. Abridged 401k to promote foresight & habitual effort.
  6. Elite team members earn coins by reaching attendance milestones. Join the upper class to earn coins more easily.
  7. Our highly-secure reserve is limited, so each coin is rare. Lost coins won't be reimbursed. Our 5,000 coins are kept in safe to promote stability.
  8. Each coach is given one coin per month to distribute at their discretion. Like the Senate's hierarchy, this gives increased control.
  9. Captains are given one coin per tournament to honor a player of their choosing. Like Congress, this creates an altruistic middleman.
  10. Tuesday shooting sessions offer an opportunity to gamble coins. Skill-based gamble is a tax, where we take half the pot.
  11. Around Easter, coins are hidden for lucky players to find. Unskilled mining for coins in sandbox adds value.
  12. Coins may be used for boot camp sessions or to excuse tardiness for games or practices. Promotes the idea of saving coins to protect inventory.
  13. Players may gift or trade their coins amongst each other for any reason. Increased autonomy allows fo free market growth.
  14. At our annual tryouts, the top player from each grade earns a coin. Foreign trade incentives to attract new skilled players.
  15. Coins may be won monthly by answering trivia questions during our daily YouTube Livestream. To incentivize taking part in culture-building activities.
  16. Coins may be used to purchase more expensive items such as plane tickets and a room in our team villa for travel trips. Learning to save toward investing in future enriching experiences.