1st-12th Grade Teams

We're a year-round basketball league that has 4 programs per location comprised of 3 elite travel teams (ES, MS, HS) and 1 local team per grade levels 1st-12th. Each program has its own personality, but we all have the same goal of every player reaching their full potential through games, tournaments, workouts, camps, clinics, and much more. Click your team's logo to join their WhatsApp community group. Join our overall community here.

Rules of life: HUNT or BE HUNTED
Meet our considerate and reliable team of athletes who deeply cherish stability, tradition, diligence, and the emotions of others. We tend to be introspective learners, preferring hands-on experiences and visual cues. It fills us with a sense of duty to support each other's triumphs both on and off the court. 🦌
A strong bull is seen by its scars
Our team is comprised of highly loyal, diligent, and athletic individuals who naturally gravitate towards leadership roles. We prefer a well-organized and systematic approach to learning, thriving in a structured environment. Theoretical aspects of the game do not captivate us as much; instead, we are enthusiastic about employing a dynamic run n' gun playing style. 🐂
Light a FIRE they CAN'T put out!
We embrace the idea that everyone should carve their unique path to what they consider success. As visual learners, we cherish flexibility, loyalty, and sensitivity in our approach. 🐲
An eagle uses the storm to reach new heights
Our program caters to the ingenious and analytical minds, seeking individuals who autonomously delve into the game's intricacies using abstract ideas, theoretical concepts, analysis, and critique. While we may cherish our solitary flights, we recognize the power of the flock. 🦅
Don't taunt the gator... until after you've crossed the creek.
Our squad embodies the pragmatic, adventurous spirit, drawn to the sport's intricate details through hands-on experience. They prefer self-directed approaches, often pursuing solutions fearlessly and embracing risks. 🐊
Stir up a hornet's nest, no tellin' who's gon' get stung!
Our team members diligently pursue their clearly defined objectives with a serious and methodical approach, relying on well-structured and practical learning. Maintaining concentration amidst the constant, chaotic buzz of life is of utmost importance as we strive toward our goals. 🐝
We've got social learners. In lieu of the rest of our team bio, you can just instead. 🃏
Everyone wants to eat, but few are willing to hunt.
Our incredible Lions team embodies our caring and compassionate nature. Their selflessness and unwavering focus on the team's well-being shines bright. They're visual-spatial learners who thrive in creative and expressive learning environments. Group work and interactive experiences bring out the best in them. Beyond the court, our players have formed a close-knit family, supporting and caring for each other both on and off the court. 🦁
This motley crew be a bunch of ingenious and lively souls, forever seekin' to outshine one another on the court. They be a lively, enthusiastic, and vocal bunch, not afraid to take the lead and make their presence known. Aye, they be true thinkers, analyzin' the game with intricate depth and sharp wit, makin' the most logical moves on the court. So raise yer mugs to these swashbucklin' students of the game, for they be sailin' through the seas of creativity and assertiveness! 🏴‍☠️
Ferocity is an art in itself
Our squad is all about that energy! Our kids are friendly and loyal, always ready to jump into action and get things done. No beating around the bush for us, we're all about immediate results. Kinesthetic learning is our jam, and hands-on experiences keep us pumped up and ready to roll. Adaptability? Oh, we got that in spades! And yeah, we might have a rebellious streak, but that's just because we're not afraid to take risks. Let's get it! 🦖
In a world full of fish, be a SHARK!
We're a team of assertive and outspoken leaders. Our intelligence and immense vision fuel our organized, driven, and efficient approach to the game. As logical learners, we thrive on challenges and revel in the spirit of competition. 🦈
Don't just look at the stars - BE ONE.
Our team consists of exceptional individuals, self-reliant and deeply analytical, driven to achieve their ambitious objectives with precision, competence, and continuous self-improvement. Their pursuit of excellence is guided by a systematic approach, logical reasoning, and a focus on comprehending intricate systems and abstract concepts to uplift both themselves and their teammates. ⭐
There is no OFF switch on a TIGER.
Our team is made up of caring, conscientious, and nurturing players who always prioritize the well-being of others. We greatly value encouraging one another, taking the time to understand, being productive, and putting in the effort. Our players love to learn together, thrive in a supportive and cooperative atmosphere, and find peer feedback highly beneficial. Go Tigers! 🐯
Better to fight and fall than to live without hope.
Our crew comprises of thoughtful and empathetic souls, displaying a gentle yet resolute nature. Their primary focus lies in executing tasks diligently and ethically, fostering teamwork, and continually motivating those around them. These athletes possess a penchant for visual-spatial learning, finding solace in beautifully crafted surroundings that facilitate their creative and collaborative approach to problem-solving. 🛡️
The two most powerful warriors are Patience and Time
Our warrior souls shine brightly, reflecting their deep ideals and unwavering loyalty. Every player cherishes the team above all, fearlessly and passionately embracing the challenges of both basketball and life. They dance gracefully with intuition, absorbing knowledge in a soulful, all-encompassing way, thriving when coaches nurture their creativity and freedom of expression. ⚔
It never troubles the wolf how many sheep may be...
We're all about the big dreams and grand visions, not sweating the small stuff, you know? Flexibility is our lifestyle, and our main deal is to spread happiness and make our Wolf pack grin from ear to ear! We're a bunch of intuitive learners, soaking up knowledge in the most imaginative and team-tastic ways! Creative vibes are our lifeblood, and we totally thrive when we collaborate and bounce ideas off each other! Oh, and let me tell you, artsy expressions and hands-on adventures? We eat 'em up like candy! So if you're ready to howl with joy and dance with possibilities, come join our wild and wonderful tribe! 🐺